Every body is a beautiful body

"This is SO much more than just a workshop, this is a movement!"


What brands will we be collaborating with this time?

*** Currently on hold due to Covid -19. Stay Safe and feel free to contact me in the mean time if you would like to learn more about the BPW! This is a very popular workshop and the spaces fill up fast so wether you are a brand or business wanting to sponsor us or have us model your 'gear', or if you would like to be a model, please e-mail me at ***


Collaboration with Swimsuits For All and Style & Curve Magazine

   This workshop was created for women who have lost the feeling, or have never felt comfortable in their own skin, for whatever the reason may be. No one should ever feel as if they aren't "pretty" enough to wear a bathing suit on the beach. Regardless of your size, no matter what anyone tells you, you are gorgeous and there is nothing wrong with your body, or your image. Regardless of what the media tells/shows you. Stay real and true to yourself. 

   Brands and local businesses also came together as a combined effort to sponsor this workshop, and helped to make this idea come to life. Swimsuits For All by Ashley Graham gifted each model the swimsuit of their choice. Positive Vibes Tribe gifted T-shirts, and Fred Holland Realty lent us a beautiful beach house for the day. We also had a wonderful team of photographers, videographers,( Thank you Veronica Stein and Blake Ellis)and H&MUA( Thank you Sara Rauchel & Chandler Hiott) who also gave their time and professional skills to this project to make it a reality! This Project was published in Style & Curve and posted on several websites and blogs around the world! We are so happy that our message of self love is as inspirational to others as it is us!

You're a star all on your own and you do not need anyone's validation. As long as you love you? That is all that matters.That is the only opinion or "validation" you will ever need. We hope this BPW helped you to see your unique beauty. Self love is a slow journey up hill, and a process, not a race. So remember to love yourself, and be kind to yourself, always. You deserve it. You are more than worthy. XOXO