Posing, Hula Hooping, Pole Dance and Fitness



Pose Like a Model

   Let’s be real, we are living in a time now where if your Instagram isn’t ‘poppin’, then do you even exist? Joking. I think. LOL. Whether you are wanting to learn how to pose for the ‘gram’, or if you are wanting to learn how to pose for an upcoming shoot, regardless if is boudoir, bikini, lifestyle, etc.  I GOT YOU. When I first started modeling, I was not a curve model, so I have had to learn how to pose my body differently over the years, as my body type was changing. Not knowing your angles, or how to properly pose your body in photos, can make you feel defeated, or ‘bigger’ than you are.  

   DO NOT LET IT! It is literally as simple as posing your body differently. There really is a science to it and it takes a while to figure it out unless you have been taught or have time to practice for hours in front of your camera. So, reach out to me and let’s get you ready for that next shoot!

(For class prices and more info contact me.)



Ready, Set, FLOW!

   First let me start by saying hi! I am SO happy and excited that you are interested in learning  the art of flow, known as ‘Flow Arts’! Whether you choose to learn how to hoop or spin poi, welcome to the flow family! You are going to have such a blast, and the best part? Is that you can take these same skills and apply them to other flow props with some practice. So not only will you learn something totally fun with your prop, but the day you decide to try a new prop, you will already have the muscle memory and be able to transition right into your new prop!

   I teach 3 levels of hula hooping, and I also teach beginners poi. If you are interested in taking my Hula Hoop class, or Poi class, then feel free to let me know. We can chat and decide if you would like to do the classes in person,(Charleston Natives only) or we can do live skype lessons. Whatever is easiest for you! I would love to be your new ‘flowmie’!

(For class prices, or advice on where to buy a hoop, or a set of poi, and for more info contact me.)


Not your average workout!

  Welcome! I have taught pole fitness and dance on and off for the past 12 years and it is an ADDICTION! I cannot express how much fun you will have and how much confidence it will give you. I promise it isn’t as scary as it looks, and that I will be there with you every step of the way. From your first ‘pole up’ to your first invert, I’ve got your back!

   If you are a local, then reach out and let’s set up your first one on one! If you’re not a local don’t worry! I can still work with you! Let me know what your schedule is like and we can set you up for privates online via skype or whatever is easiest for you!

(Online course requires you to have a pole in your home, I suggest getting an X-Pole, stay away from cheap poles online, they are dangerous!) For class prices and more info contact me.